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Applied Behavioral Science Associate

Someone who holds a traditional role (e.g., market analyst, user researcher, project manager) and uses behavioral insights to provide additional value.

The goal of the Behavioral Science Associate is to apply evidence-based and/or evidence informed insights for improvements within the specific context of their existing role at an organization

Associates apply behavioral science to increase their effectiveness in established career paths such as User Research, Marketing Insights, Data Science, and Product Design. This skillset either culminates as a specialization or serves as the starting point in becoming a professional.

The standards have been developed in five skillset pillars:

  1. Domain Knowledge

  2. Research Methods & Impact Assessments

  3. Intervention Design

  4. Communication

  5. Ethics

Below, you will see details of each of the five pillars of standards for the Behavioral Science Associate. These also serve as the baseline knowledge for the Behavioral Science Professional.

If you are interested in seeing the entire framework in more detail, please fill out this form: 

 Standards Details

ABSA Framework_July17.png
ABSA Framework_July17 (1).png
ABSA Framework_July17 (2).png
ABSA Framework_July17 (3).png
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